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Getting away from this for awhile

22,209 plays Sun & Moon (Acoustic Version) Above & Beyond


Trance + Acoustic. One of the best combos for my heart, soul and mind.

The original version of this song just came on in the car. I was immediately reminded of holding you from behind while we stood there and watched A&B at Ultra this past year. One great day with just the two of us that was so worth the 14 hour round trip drive.

I remember first hearing about A&B doing a few select acoustic shows. I entered the contest to win tickets and despite not winning any, I wanted so badly to share that night with you. How beautiful it would’ve been. Getting all dressed up and hearing there acoustic album live in such an intimate setting. Naturally, I would’ve gone all out for that night. A lovely dinner, some cocktails, and a nice long stroll back to the hotel before we made love. I had it all planned out but the money wasn’t there.

It’s time for some Group Therapy to make this drive go by faster.

No More

No more cooking breakfast or dinner. No more episodes of The Office. No more showers. No more tight body embraces under the warm water. No more lazy mornings with our playlist. No more tuchus squeezes on the stairs. No more cuddle sessions where I eventually turn over and steal the blanket in the process. No more taking full advantage of the times we had the house to ourselves. No more date nights. No more movie nights. No more neck kisses to turn you on. No more morning oral pleasure where I always seem to work my way up to your other lips. No more waking up to the most naturally beautiful, sleepy face I’ve come to know. No more impeccable lion hair that shouldn’t be “fixed.” No more little smiles, sexy smirks, and shared laughter. The littlest things are the ones I’ll miss the most.